We are a team of English speaking educators, coaches and psychologists who offer “Educational Resources” & motivational videos that facilitate, encourage & enable independent learning. Strategies for student organizational and independent learning skills development are at the core of these resources.  

The Future of Learning uses appreciative inquiry to motivate learning and encourage thinking. The types of minds we are developing in our students are the “5 Minds for the Future” by Howard Gardner. These are: disciplined, synthesizing, creating, respectful and ethical minds.

The Future of Learning  uses appreciative inquiry to motivate learning and encourage thinking.

Do you need help in learning and doing home work?

We facilitate learning to learn programmes. Which includes self-management for holistic learning. Our individualised and tailor made  programmes helps students achieve their potential. We encourage the responsible balance use of existing, new and emerging technology. Students will be provided a work book “Success Planner for Students”


The Future of Learning centre is located in Voorschoten, within walking distance from the British Senior School. Since our services are provided virtually we rent the future of learning home to expat families. It is fully furnished and provides a home away from home. If interested, please do contact Nira Satguru the director. Nirauk@gmail.com. M: 0651514846