What we learn from student voices

In order to for the Future of Learning centre to evolve and develop, we encourage incorporating feedback from student voices. We find continuous discourse important to make improvements to benefit both educators and students.

What inspires and motivates you at school?


Learning aids

Khan Academy is an interactive website that provides free world-class education in maths, science, economics and finance for any level.

Wolfram Alpha offers support for higher level mathematics.

BBC Bitesize offers revision aids for students up to age 16. To revise mathematics.


[BBC Bitesize-England KS3-Mathematics]

How to improve your English

Use the resources in this website.

MLA Referencing


The Good Project provides ideas and tools for a good life. It discusses the interconnectedness between excellence, ethics and engagement.

Ted provides inspirational lectures by fascinating people from all forms of life.


Prezi  is a digital tool that allows for creative presentations. It is extremely user-friendly and results in a spectacular presentation that functions well on Microsoft, Mac or Linux computers


iMindMaps which combines practical skills with enhanced thinking techniques for presentation purposes and to improve thinking. [ subscription after initial trial]

Wordle creates “word clouds” in order to enhance and give greater prominence to frequently appearing words in a text source. The clouds can be personalized by altering the fonts, colour schemes and layouts.