About us

About us

The Future of Learning website is aimed at helping students, parents, educators  and visitors to Netherlands.

A team of professionals provides research and the resources. Future of learning is incorporating mind-brain research, digitalization and globalization.
The FOL aims to create cultures of thinking and prepare minds for the future. After having attended the Harvard Graduate School of Education Future of Learning Institute, it was decided to begin the Future of Learning centre in Voorschoten, the Netherlands.We have evolved through the years and changed our services  to providing our educational resources through our website and consultancy services through online media.

* We offer rental options in order to support this project.

* TASTE is our project that supports charities.


Future of Learning aims to offer inspirational and motivational educational solutions for students, parents and educators. We find solutions by applying recent advancements in science of learning and mind brain research to promote life long holistic learning for young people and adults alike.
Vision of TASTE is to inspire leadership, collaboration, creativity and networking through Sri Lankan Cuisine.


Future of Learning provides holistic educational solutions  We celebrate diversity and encourage young people to aspire to reach their goals.
TASTE aims to provide a modern Sri Lankan culinary experience to inspire learning and collaboration.

Founder Director: Nira Satguru, BSc ( Hons) Physics, PGCE, MBA

The founder director is an educator with over 33 years experience in education in UK and in International Education. Her research  focused on developing Leadership  Competencies of Educators. Her inspiration, boundless energy and ability to take on challenges has contributed to the success Future Of Learning and TASTE.

Advisory Board


Our thanks go to Jennifer Floter the student intern for her efforts in joint content creation of  this website.

Very special thanks to Marek van der Hoven the website creator.